Block of ice

I am back in action once again after being without reliable internet for nearly two weeks. I am behind on all my projects now but since there is no due date there is no real repercussion for being late. Anyways I am working on some new graphics for GenXcast now and hopefully I can chip away at this block of ice and create some shape to it. If anyone has a podcast or video cast that they would like to suggest for this site let me know.

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Welcome to our lair!

Hello may name is Lewis R. Cougill (better known as MuGumBo on this internet thing) and I have created this place. Not only have I created this spot but I invited several people to join me on this adventure of unknowns. I have a plan in my head for what I want this place to be but if the other dozen sites I have created have taught me anything it is plans change and evolve into bigger better burdens. Right now I hope to make this a portal for others to experience some great underground media and content. The people I have invited here are not just friends and not just my peers but they are what the internet is to me. I am a fan of each and everyone one of them and proud that they have joined me here on GenXcast. I hope this place will help us all grow our individual projects and learn from and enjoy each others company.

Jumping Jesus on a pogostick!!

You have come to the one -stop shopping extravaganza of media goodness. This is the beginning stages of what we hope to be scene changing ideas and concepts. Those that have been selected and brought here know what generation X is and what we adore as a generation of people. Kids of the 80′s rule this world now and no one can take that away from us. We populate the airwaves and the best cult media available out there was made for us! Put on some chapstick and pucker those lips up for a bareback ride from hell.



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